CopyTools offers a number of different copy modes.

CopyA basic copy operation. New or modified files will be copied from the source locations to the destinations.
MirrorA more advanced copy. In addition to copying new and modified files, any files or folders present in destination folders which do not exist in the source folder are removed.
MoveA basic move operation. New or modified files are copied from the source locations to the destinations, after which they are deleted from the source folders.
CompressNew or modified files are stored in a compressed ZIP archive. When using compressed copy modes, destinations refer to files rather than folders. If you do not specify a name, then the profile name will be used by default.

Each mode has its own advantages. Copy (also known as echo) simply ensures that source files are successfully copied to alternate locations, whereas mirror ensures that the destination matches the sources, and any obsolete files are removed. Compression modes are useful when backing up to a space limited medium, or when you want to store thousands of small files. Move jobs are handy when you want to move files from one place to another, for example the results of download jobs or other automated processes that produce some form of output.

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