Using the log viewer

The log viewer window allows you to view the contents of the CopyTools log, with various font formatting to highlight items of interest.

Opening the Log Viewer

To open the log viewer:

The log viewer window can only view log files up to 100MB. Log files are plain text, so you can manually open them in any editor that supports large files.

Log Entries

The log displays each action copied out by CopyTools , such as the copying of a file or the deletion of a folder.

When a profile starts or completes, the log entry is displayed in bold.

Configuration entries which detail a profiles properties are displayed in cadet blue.

Errors are displayed in red, and are bold.

Finding errors

The log viewer makes it easy to quickly find error entries.

To find the next error from the caret:

To find the previous error from the caret:

Reloading the log

The log viewer does not automatically refresh each time the log has changed. To reload the log:

Clearing the log

You can clear the log file ready for fresh entries. When the log is cleared, the previous log is backed up. CopyTools will retain 5 backups of previous logs.

To clear the log:

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