Options for configuring the CopyTools log file can be found on the General tab in the Options dialog.

Setting a maximum log size

You can set a maximum size for the log. If the log gets larger than this size, it is automatically recycled the next time CopyTools starts.

To set the log size:

  • In the Log group, set the Maximum log size. This field is expressed in kilobytes, so entering 2048 for example equates to 2 megabytes.

Clearing the log at startup

To have the log automatically recycled each time CopyTools is started, regardless of size:

  • In the Log group, check the Clear log at startup option

Logging only errors and summaries

CopyTools can either log every single action it performs, or only summaries of profile runs, including any errors. Logging only errors and summaries results in faster profile execution and a smaller log file.

To log only errors and summaries:

  • In the Log group, check the Log only errors and summaries option

Setting the log path

By default, CopyTools stores log files in the %APPDATA%\Cyotek\CopyTools\1.0 folder, however you can change this to an alternate location as required.

To configure the log path:

  • In the Log group, enter a path into the Log Path field
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