For FTP profiles, you can either specify the connection complete connection as part of the profile, or you can use an existing connection profile.

Selecting the archive filename

Enter the fully qualified path and file name of a Zip archive in the Destination file name field, or use the Browse button to select a file.

To use tokens, click the Fields button to display a list of available fields. Click on a field to insert it into the editor field. You can also select from environment variables in addition to CopyTools tokens.

Renaming existing archives

By default, if the destination archive already exists CopyTools will update the archive.

To have CopyTools create a fresh archive each time

  • Click Advanced to show advanced options
  • Check the Rename existing archive option


When this option is used, any existing archive will be renamed with a unique name

Setting the compression level

  • Click Advanced to show advanced options
  • Use the Compression level slider to adjust the compression level


Depending on the types of files you are copying, having a high compression level may increase the length of time it takes to copy, without reducing the size of the final archive.

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