The Schedule tab allows you to define when the job will run. As well as being able to schedule profiles to run at a given frequency, they can also be set to run when certain actions occurs.

Setting the schedule frequency

Set the How often do you want to run this profile field to the requested interval. Some intervals also have additional fields to configure, such as a time, or an interval.

ManualThe profile is not scheduled for automatic execution. Note that if the Run at Start Up or Run at Shut Down options are set, the profile will run on these events.
Every Few MinutesThe profile runs at a predefined interval in minutes and is automatically rescheduled.
Every Few HoursThe profile runs at a predefined interval in hours and is automatically rescheduled.
DailyThe profile runs once a day at the specified time and automatically rescheduled.
Every Few DaysThe profile runs once a day at the specified time and is automatically rescheduled for the specified number of days after the previous schedule.
After ProfileThe profile runs after another profile has been completed. For example, after copying files to a zip archive, you could have another profile to delete the source files.
When OnlineThe profile runs when the destination becomes available, for example a remote server that is switched on periodically. Once ran, the profile will not automatically run again until the destination becomes unavailable and then available once again.

Running the profile when CopyTools is started

  • To run this profile with CopyTools, check the Run at Start Up option.

Running the profile when the system is shut down

  • To run this profile when the operating system is shutting down, check the Run at Shut Down option


Currently shut down profiles do not operate as expected under Windows 8 or above - the profiles will execute correctly, but the system shutdown will automatically abort.

Preventing the profile from running on set days

Sometimes you may wish a profile to run daily, except on the weekend. To do this, simply check or uncheck the relevant day options. Any checked day will cause the profile not to run on that day.

Setting the initial run date

You can configure a profile so that is not enabled before a given date by setting the Do not run before field.

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