Specifying a folder

  • Enter the name of a folder into the Folder field, or use the Browse button to select a folder

To use tokens, click the Fields button to display a list of available fields. Click on a field to insert it into the editor field. You can also select from environment variables in addition to CopyTools tokens.

Specifying multiple folders

  • After entering or selecting a folder, click the Add button to add the folder to the list of folders

Removing a folder

  • To remove a previously selected folder click the Remove button

Editing a folder

  • Double clicking a folder in the list will remove it from the list, but add it to the Source folder field, allowing you to modify the path as required before adding it again

Including sub folders

  • By default, sub folders of the source directories will be copied. You can toggle this behaviour on a per-profile basis by checking or unchecking the Include sub folders option.

Using replacement tokens in folder names

The folder fields allows you to use tokens in the folder names, such as computer names, dates and times, environment variables and more. When the profile is run, these tokens are automatically replaced with the correct value. Use the Fields button to display a menu of available tokens to insert into a path.

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