By default CopyTools copies files on a local file system, or remote server via UNC paths or network shares. However, it can also transparently copy files between other systems such as FTP servers via the use of endpoints.

These endpoints are simply an interface to a system for storing or retrieving files - for example the local file system, an FTP server, Azure blob storage or even a zip archive or database table.

The following endpoints are currently available for use with CopyTools

Endpoints that can be used as both a source or destination

File SystemThis endpoint supports the local file system and remote servers via UNC paths
FTP ServerThis endpoint allows basic support for copying files to and from FTP servers

Endpoints that can only be used as a destination

Zip ArchiveThis endpoint allows support for copying files into a compressed archive


CopyTools will always install the File System endpoint, all other endpoints are optional and may not be installed depending on set up choices.

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