The Options tab allows you configure a large number of options to configure the profile.

Specifying how source folders are copied into the destination

The Source path append mode allows you to configure how the source path is merged into the destination. By default, no action is taken. However, for some scenarios you may want to include some or all of the source path in the destination path.

NoneThe contents of source folders are copied to the destination paths without modification.
Append last directoryThe last part of the source path is appended to the destination. For example, the source folder C:\Checkout\Product1\ to D:\Backups\ would become D:\Backups\Product1\. This option is very useful for mirrored copies using multiple sources.
Append entire pathThe path component (excluding the drive) of the source is appended to the destination. For example, the source folder C:\Checkout\Product1\ to D:\Backups\ would become D:\Backups\Checkout\Product1\.

Handling copy errors

By default, errors which occur when processing files are logged, but the job continues. You can configure this by setting the If any errors occur field to one of the following values

Abort runThe job is cancelled and no further actions are performed
Ignore and continueThe error is written to the log, and remaining actions are processed

Handling file in use errors

Currently CopyTools doesn't make use of the Volume Shadow Service (VSS) and is unable to copy files that are in use. You can configure how in use files are handled by setting the When a file fails to copy field to one of the following values

Do nothingNo retry is performed
Retry at endThe file is retried at the end of the job when all other actions are processed
Wait, then retry onceThe job halts for a set interval, then tries again to copy the file.

Using the recycle bin

When using mirrored copy modes, a destination files which no longer exists in source directories is automatically removed. By default, such files are permanently deleted, but you can optionally specify that these files are sent to the recycle bin instead by checking the Use recycle bin for deleted files option.

Always overwriting destination files

By default, CopyTools only copies files that match certain criteria - that they either don't exist at the destination, or that they are newer than the destination. However, for some profiles you may wish to skip such checks and always overwrite files. This can be done by checking the Always overwrite destination file option.

Setting advanced options

As well as the basic options offered in the copy mode tab, there are many additional more advanced options that can be set, such as copy flags, device options, compression levels and program execution. These options can be viewed and configured by clicking the Set advanced options link.

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