The frame reel is a film strip style list shown on the left hand side of the main Gif Animator application window, and contains a preview of each frame in the animation. The frame reel supports single and multiple selection of frames.

You can use either the cursor or the mouse to navigate the animation reel.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeyDescription
Up ArrowSelects the previous frame in the reel.
Down ArrowSelects the new frame in the reel.
Page UpJumps up one page (a page is defined as the number of frames visible in the reel) and makes that frame the selected frame.
Page DownJumps down one page and makes that frame the selected frame.
HomeSelects the first frame in the animation.
EndSelects the last frame in the animation.
Control+ASelects all frames in the animation.

Mouse Navigation

Mouse users can use the scrollbar to scroll through the reel. Clicking with the left mouse button will select that frame, whilst clicking with the right button will display an appropriate context menu.

You can also use the mouse wheel to quickly flip up and down the list.

Selecting multiple frames

As well as single selection, you can also select multiple frames. You can identify the currently selected frame as it will be highlighted in a different color (by default crimson) to other frames in a multiple select (by default these are highlighted in cornflower blue).

To select multiple frames individually, hold down the Control key while clicking a frame. If the frame is currently selected, it will be removed from the selection. Conversely, if the frame is not currently in the selection it will be selected.

You can also select blocks of frames. Select the frame that represents the start of the block. The, hold down the Shift key and click the frame that represents the end of the block. All frames in between will also be selected.

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