The Export Frames dialog allows you to export one or more frames from an animation into the format of your choice.





Frame List

Displays a list of all frames in the animation, along with a preview of the frame. Each item in the list can be toggled on or off for exporting.

Select All

Checks all items in the frame list.

Select None

Uncheck's all items in the frame list

Invert Selection

Reverses the check marks of all items in the frame list

Export Options


Allows you to enter or select the folder where the frames will be exported. If the current animation has been saved, the path can be entered relative to the animation path.


Allows you to select the output image format.


Click this button to export all checked frames. The file name of each frame will be <Folder><AnimationName>-<FrameIndex>.<FormatExtension> where <Folder> is the folder you selected to export into, <AnimationName> is the filename (without extension) of the animation, <FrameIndex> is the frame number, and <FormatExtension> is the default extension for the choose output format.


Closes this dialog without exporting any files.


Displays this help topic.

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