A frame represents a single image within an animation. Each animation is comprised of one or more frames, limited only by computer memory.

Frame Attributes

SizeThe width and height of the frame. All frames can be of varying sizes as required.
LocationThe position of the frame. If an individual frame is smaller than the overall animation size (which is calculated based on the largest width and height of all frames), the location of an individual frame can be set within the animation bounds. If you have a large image which is mostly transparent, this technique can be used to "crop" the frame, allowing for smaller file sizes.
DurationHow long the frame is displayed until the next frame is shown.
Undraw Method

Specifies how the frame is initialized, and be one of the following:

| | | |------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | **Undefined** | Nothing will be done to the background before displaying the next image. | | **Leave** | Leave the previous graphic image as the next is drawn. | | **Restore background** | Redraw the original background color as the current image is drawn. | | **Restore previous** | Redraw the previous image as the current image is drawn. |
TransparencySpecifies that one color in the frame will not display, allowing previous frames or the background color to show through.
Transparent colorThe color that will not be displayed.
CommentAn optional comment.

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