The Optimize Image dialog allows you to select the options for reducing a high color image to 8bit color.





Preview Control

The preview control is comprised of a left and right pane. The left pane displays the original image, and the right pane displays a preview of how the image looks after processing.

The two controls are synchronized, so as you pan, scroll and zoom with one, the same changes are reflected in the other, and vice versa.

Original Image

Number of colors

Displays the number of colors in the original image

Image Size

Displays the size of the original image


Use Global Color Palette

Select this option to apply the global color palette to the image

Copy Global Palette to Local

Select this option to copy the existing global color palette to the image

Gray Scale

Select this option to convert the image to grayscale

Octree Quantization

Select this option to reduce the color depth of the original image using the octree color quantization algorithm.

Color Depth

Specifies whether to use 8bit (256) or 4bit (16) colors for the optimized image.

Custom Palette

Select this option to apply an external color palette to the image

External Palette Filename

Enter or select the filename of the external palette to load from the list of supported palettes. If the current animation has been saved, the palette filename can be entered relative to the animation path.

Export Palette

Allows you to export the palette as an external file in one of the supported palette formats.


Click this button to apply the selected optimization to the selected frame


Closes this dialog without making any changes.


Displays this help topic.

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