If you have an image from which you want to generate a palette, you can import the image into Palette Editor and then create a palette from this.

Creating a palette from the contents of an image

  • From the File menu, choose New then From Image , or press Control+Shift+I
  • From the Palette From Image dialog, enter or select the image to load
  • Optionally, uncheck the Reduce to 8bit color depth option to create a palette using all colors in the image
  • Optionally, specify a pixelate value to average out colors
  • Optionally, use the drag handles to resize the area of the image that will be used to generate the palette. You can also move the region.
  • Click OK to create the new palette

If the current palette has changed, you will be prompted to save it, discard changes, or cancel the creation of the new palette.

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