Palette Editor ships out of the box with support for a variety of common palette formats. It is also possible

Viewing Installed Palette Formats

  • From the View menu, choose Formats...

Formats Dialog Reference

Format ListProvides a list of installed formats. Select an item to view more detailed information
Details TextboxDisplays additional details on the selected format.

Format Detailed Reference

When selecting an entry in the Format List, the following details are displayed.

Can ReadSpecifies if Palette Editor can open palettes using this format
Can WriteSpecifies if Palette Editor can Save palettes using this format
Minimum ColorsThe minimum number of colors supported by the format
Maximum ColorsThe maximum number of colors supported by the format
SpecialAny special features, such as swatch names or grouping
Color SpacesA list of the color spaces supported by the format, for example RGB or CMYK
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