If you have an image from which you want to generate a palette, you can import the image into Palette Editor and then create a palette from this.

Creating a palette from the contents of an image

  • From the File menu, choose New then From Image , or press Control+Shift+I
  • From the Palette From Image dialog, enter or select the image to load
  • Optionally, uncheck the Reduce to 8bit color depth option to create a palette using all colors in the image
  • Optionally, specify a pixelate value to average out colors
  • Optionally, use the drag handles to resize the area of the image that will be used to generate the palette. You can also move the region.
  • Click OK to create the new palette

If the current palette has changed, you will be prompted to save it, discard changes, or cancel the creation of the new palette.

Working with the selection

Creating a new selection

Drag with the mouse to create a new selection. This only works if you drag outside the current selected, or if no selection is present.

Moving the selection

Click inside the existing selection and drag with the mouse to move it

Clearing the selection

To clear the current selection, click in the preview control and press the Delete key.

If no selection is set, the entire image will be used.

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