The table below lists all of the colour palette forms that Cyotek Palette Editor can support. Not all formats can be both read and written by this application.

Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch 1acoYesYes
DeluxePaint Image 2bbm, lbmYesNo
JASCpal, PspPaletteYesYes
Microsoft RIFF 3palYesYes
18-bit RGB VGA Palette 4palYesYes
24-bit RGB VGA PalettepalYesYes

Not all palette formats are equal. Some formats may support swatch names while older formats may not. Some formats support a greater color precision than other formats. If you convert a palette from one format to another, or save a palette with features not supported by the format you are saving as, some information may be lost.

In addition to the first party palette support listed above, Palette Editor can also import and export to other file types. Custom templates can also be defined, allowing palettes to be exported to bespoke text formats.


  1. HSB and Lab spaces are not currently supported
  2. 8bit color images only
  3. Extended palettes are not currently supported
  4. This format is used by old DOS/Windows games such as Command and Conquer, Powermonger, Ultima 4, Stonekeep and many more
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