When you open Color Palette Editor, it displays the main program window. This window is your work area. It contains the commands and tools used to create, edit and export your color palettes.

The Color Palette Editor workspace includes the following components:

Menu bar The menu bar displays commands for performing tasks. Menus are organised by topic. For example, the Palettes menu contains commands for working with color palettes.

Toolbars The toolbars display buttons for common commands.

Status bar The Status bar displays text about the selected swatch as well as palette information.

Color grid The color grid displays the contents of the current palette, allowing swatches to be added, removed, duplicated and reordered.

Color list The color list is similar to the color grid, but is displayed in list form and includes swatch names.

Color editor The color editor tab provides the ability to edit an individual swatch using RGB or HSL color spaces as well as setting the swatch name.

Color schemes The schemes tab provides the ability to create harmonious color sets from a base color.

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