As well as the GUI client, Color Palette Editor also includes a command line tool which you can use to work with templates. The tool, ctktempr.exe, is located in the Color Palette Editor application folder.

Unless otherwise noted, whenever the command line tools expect a file name, this can either be a fully qualified path, or will be resolved against the current working directory.


CTKTEMPR <name> <palette> [<output>]
  [/H | /?] [/LOG [<file>] /LOGAPPEND]  


nameName of the palette to load
paletteFile name of the palette to load
outputFile name to write template output into. If not specified, output is written to standard out.
/H or /?Display this message.
/LOG <file>Writes output to a log file. If <file> is not specified, a default name will be used
/LOGAPPENDIf set and the log file already exists, new data will be appended to the file, otherwise the log is recreated
/QUIETSuppresses most standard output
/PAUSEPrompts the user to press a key before the program is exited
/NOLOGODo not display the startup banner and copyright message.
/VERSIONDisplay version information only.
/STATISTICSDisplay execution statistics.
/NOCRASHREPORTDisable automatic crash logging and solution checking.