Sometimes when you open a palette, Colour Palette Editor may be unable to detect the exact format, for example 18-bit VGA, 24-bit VGA and Adobe Colour Table files are identical, but reading an 18-bit VGA as an Adobe Colour Table will appear quite different to how it ws intended. Colour Palette Editor will prompt on how to open the file if it finds multiple handlers for the same file format.

  • The dialogue will list all matching palette formats, if you know the file format, select it from the list, otherwise you can optionally select each format and preview the final appearance
  • Click the Cancel button to cancel the file open. Any existing palette will remain open.
  • Click OK to open the file using the selected format

Displaying a preview

Click the Preview button to expand the dialogue to include a preview pane. When selecting a format from the list, the preview pane will be automatically populated with the result of opening the palette used the selected format.

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