To batch convert palettes from one file format to another

  • From the File menu, choose Batch
  • From the Batch dialogue, click the Add button and select one or more palette files to convert
  • Use the Type field to select the output format of the source palettes
  • Optionally, enter the folder where the converted palettes will be saved using the Folder field
  • By default, the batch process will not overwrite existing files. To force an overwrite, check the Overwrite existing files option
  • Click Start to begin the conversion process

Not all palette formats support all given features, e.g. grouping or swatch names. Some formats also support a greater color precision than other formats. If you convert a palette from one format to another, or save a palette with features not supported by the format you are saving as, some information may be lost.

Padding palette files

Some applications may require that palettes have a minimum number of colours in them. The batch conversion process can automatically pad, or grow, palettes that don't contain enough colours.

  • From the Batch dialogue check the Pad files option
  • Specify the minimum number of colours that should be present in the palette
  • Specify a colour to be used as padding

to smaller palettes, it does not remove colours from palettes that are larger than the specified minimum.