Options for configuring update check options can be found on the General tab in the Options dialog.

Automatically checking for updates

To have the Slicr check for new updates once a day:

  • In the Check for Updates group, check the Automatically check for newer versions of Cyotek Slicr option

When checking for updates the application code and version is transferred, no other information is sent

Checking for pre-release versions

By default, update checks will only look for stable releases. Cyotek frequently offers pre-release versions which may offer new features or software fixes, but have not been rigorously tested. You can configure the update check to include pre-releases in addition to stable.

  • In the Check for Updates group, check the Also check for pre-release (beta) versions of Cyotek Slicr option

Nightly builds are not included in update checks due to their untested nature. Available nightlies can be manually downloaded from the Cyotek website.

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