This functionality is currently under review and may be removed in a future version of Sitemap Creator. If you currently use this feature, we would be grateful if you could email and explain your use case for the feature.

If the site to be copied has links to domains that you wish to automatically convert to the domain being crawled, you can use the Domain Aliases function.

To customize domain aliases

& From the Project Properties dialog, click the Domain Aliases category

Adding a new alias

  1. Click the Add button
  2. In the Expression field, enter the name of the domain that will be aliased. This field supports regular expressions

Deleting an alias

  1. Select one or more of the aliases you wish to remove from the list
  2. Click the Delete button

Updating an alias

  1. Select the alias you wish to edit from the list. The Expression field will be updated to match the selection
  2. Enter new value for the alias pattern.