As it is impractical for Sitemap Creator to crawl the Internet, by default the crawling is limited to only the domain of the crawl URL, but supports an easy option to include sub or sibling domains without requiring the use of custom rules.

  1. From the Project Properties dialogue, select the General category
  2. Select a mode from the Crawl Mode group
Site OnlyOnly crawls URLs that match the host name specified in the crawl URL
Sub domainsIncludes any sub domains of the host URL
Sibling domainsIncludes both sub domains and sibling domains of the host URL
EverythingWill crawl any discovered HTTP or HTTPS URL unless excluded via other settings


Use of the Everything option is not recommended and should only be used on sites which are self contained or where rules are used to explicitly exclude addresses. Use of this option may cause Sitemap Creator to become unstable.

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