Sometimes page titles include a prefix or suffix with a company name, which could be undesirable in a sitemap. Using the title replacements functionality of the Sitemap Creator , you can replace or remove this text. You can also replace pages titles on a URL basis.

To configure the title replacements:

  1. From the Project Properties dialog, click the Title Replacements option.

Adding a new replacement pattern

  1. In the URL or Pattern fields, enter the search pattern using a regular expression.
  2. Enter the text to replace the matched pattern with in the Replacement field. Leave this field blank to remove the matching text from a page title.
  3. Click the Add button

Deleting a replacement pattern

  1. Select the pattern you wish to remove from the list
  2. Click the Delete button

Updating a replacement pattern

  1. Select the pattern you wish to edit from the list. The URL, Pattern and Replacement fields will be updated to match the selection.
  2. Enter new values for either the pattern or the replacement. The selected item in the list will be updated with the changes you specify.

Changing the order replacement patterns are processed

  1. Select the pattern you wish to move
  2. Click the Move Up button to move the pattern up the list, or the Move Down button to move the patter down the list.