Password and form data is stored in plain text within a Sitemap Creator project file.


If you use Forms, Passwords or Cookies to authenticate with a website, you should consider adding a custom rule to exclude any logout pages. Otherwise, if Sitemap Creator detects this page, eventually it will access it and your session will be logged out, potentially affecting the remainder of the crawl.

As well as manually defining forms, you can also automatically capture a form within a webpage.

Opening the capture tool

To open the Capture Form tool, open the Tools menu and select the Capture Form Capture Form item

When you first open the Capture Form tool, the browser window will show the root page for the website you want to copy. If this page doesn't contain the form you want to capture, you can use the browser window to navigate to the appropriate page, or directly enter the URL of the page into the address bar.

Selecting a form

Once you have navigated to a page containing one or more forms, each form will be display in a list in the top right side of the window. Displayed underneath this form is a list of detected parameters for the selected form.

Choosing parameters

The parameter list for the selected form is displayed below the form list. A checked parameter will be added to the form definition, unchecked ones will be ignored. By default, hidden parameters are unchecked, all other parameters will be checked.

Refreshing for the form list

To refresh the form list and pick up any changes you have made to the form in the web browser, click the Scan Form Scan Form button in the toolbar.

Creating a form

To create a form definition, once you have selected the form and any parameters you want to customise, click the Create Form button. The form will be added to your project and the Capture Form window closed.

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