Several configurable options support regular expressions. A basic editor for entering and testing regular expressions is available.

Regular Expression Editor

To display the regular expression editor

  • Click the Edit Regular Expression Edit Expression button displayed next to any field supporting expressions

Using the regular expression editor

  1. Enter the regular expression pattern into the Pattern field
  2. Enter test data into the Input field
  3. The contents of the Input field will be color coded to indicate any matches with the pattern you have specified. The Results list will also display all matches found, selecting a match will highlight the matching text in the Input field
  4. The Language Elements tab displays a list of common regular expression elements and examples. Double click a language element to insert it into your expression

Updating the source expression

  • Click the Insert button to update the source field with the new expression and close the editor.

Automatically importing sample URL data

  • Click the Load Link Map URLs button automatically load all URLs in the current link map into the test data field
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