Before you can build a sitemap, you need to analyze your site. Normally the Sitemap Creator will analyze the site as part of its build process if its the first time or if any settings have changed, but you can also analyze the site independently of building any maps, allowing you to see the structure of the sites you crawl.

Once you have analyzed a site and saved your project, the site will be stored in your project file. Next time you reopen the project, the sitemap tree will automatically load the saved data. You can also build sitemaps using this data, although you will be prompted to refresh.

To analyze a site:

  • From the Project menu, click Analyze Site .

You can cancel the analysis before it completes by clicking the Cancel button on the process dialog.

After the analyze is complete, the tabs at the bottom of the main window will be updated showing the structure of your site, any errors found, and other useful information.

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