You can use the following command line arguments with cyosmc.exe:

/project=<filename>Opens the specified Sitemap Creator project.
/buildBuilds the specified project.
/analyzeAnalyzes the specified project.
/provider=<name>Specifies the Sitemap to create. You can specify this argument multiple times to build multiple sitemaps. If this argument is omitted, the /build command will build all enabled sitemaps.
/nosaveIf specified, the project will not be saved after a build or analyze


  • If either the /build or /analyze arguments are used, the project file specified via /project will be automatically saved at the conclusion of the operation unless the /nosave flag is present
  • If either the /build or /analyze arguments are used, the main window of the application will not be displayed, and it will automatically exit once the operation has completed.
  • The user interface is not fully disabled, you may still receive popup messages or question prompts.
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