After you have scanned a website, you can use Sitemap Creator's built in tools for viewing link data, or export them to CSV for use in other applications.


As well as the export process below, many lists also support CSV export - right click inside a list, or when the list has focus, press either the Menu key or Shift + F10 and choose Export from the context menu.

Exporting to CSV

  1. From the File menu, click Export...
  2. Enter or select the name of the file to export to
  3. Click Export to export the links list with default options

Customising the export

You can optionally customise the export

  1. From the Export CSV dialogue, click Advanced to show optional settings
  2. To prevent the header row with column names from being included, uncheck the Include header row option
  3. To use a separator other than a comma, enter the character to use in the Separator field
  4. To select which columns are present in the export, check or uncheck entries in the Columns list

Column Reference

URLThe remote URL
TypeThe content type
SizeThe content size
TitleThe document title
DescriptionThe document description
HTTP StatusThe HTTP status reported by the server when Sitemap Creator probed the URL
HTTP DescriptionThe description of the HTTP Status
Skip ReasonThe reason why Sitemap Creator skipped this URL, if applicable
StatusThe Sitemap Creator status for this URL
SourceThe source of the URL
Last ModifiedThe date and time the remote resource was last modified, if provided by the remote host
Last DownloadedThe date and time Sitemap Creator last downloaded this file
DistanceThe distance of the URL from the root URL of the crawler project
Scan IndexThe scan index that Sitemap Creator last processed this URL
ExcludedSpecifies if Sitemap Creator is excluding this URL
Redirects ToThe destination address if this URL redirects to another
ErrorAny error information Sitemap Creator encountered trying to process this URL
IDAn internal identifier for this URL.
RelationshipThe relationship between this URL and the root URL of the crawler project
DepthThe depth of the URL from the remote host
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