The Layout view allows you to configure the basic properties of your project.

Background colorAllows you to set the background color of the sprite sheet
Growth directionAllows you to specify how the sprite sheet will grow
Maximum sizeSpecifies the maximum size of the sprite sheet. If the growth direction is Down, then this field specifies the maximum width of the sprite sheet. Conversely, if the growth direction is Across, then this field specifies the maximum height.
Use power of twoSpecifies that the sprite sheet's dimensions should always be a power of two. This is useful when generating graphics used for games development.
Minimum widthSpecifies the minimum width of the sprite sheet
Minimum heightSpecifies the minimum height of the sprite sheet
Packing method

Allows you to configure a packing method.

The Complex packing method can take considerable time to run and is not recommended for projects which many images
Sort images by sizeIf this option is set, all images (including derived) are sorted by size prior to laying out
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