Spriter automatically tries to layout the images in your sprite sheet to make best use of space. Spriter offers a number of packing methods.

The following methods are available:

NoneImages are laid out in the order they are defined in the project.
FastA simple packer that sacrifices space efficiency for low memory usage and runtime performance. It achieves good results with near-uniform sized images but will waste lots of space with images of varying dimensions.

The packer algorithm that always places images as low as possible in the sprite sheet. So, for any new image that is to be added, the packer has to determine the X coordinate at which the image can have the lowest overall height without intersecting any other images.

ComplexA brute force algorithm. This gives the best results with the minimum of wasted space, but can be time consuming to process with very large projects.

Selecting a packing method

  • From the Layout view, select a packing method from the Packing group
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