The template editor allows you to create and maintain the different templates supported by Spriter . Using the integrated preview, you can see the results of your modifications as you work.

Adding a new template

To add a new template, click the Add button.

Removing a template

To remove an existing template, select it from the list and click the Remove button.

Resetting templates to default values

To reset templates back to their default values, click the Default button and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt

Editing a template

  1. Select a template from the list
  2. In the Text field, enter the body of the template.
  3. In the Repeat field, choose how the template will be repeated.

Inserting variable replacement codes

  1. Select a template from the list
  2. Click the button displayed to the right of the Text field
  3. Choose the code to insert from the menu to insert it into the template body

Reordering a template

  1. Select a template from the list
  2. Click the Move Up button to move it up the list, or
  3. Click the Move Down button to move it down the list

Reordering a template

If you have an existing Spriter project containing customized templates, you can import these into your current project

  1. Click the Import button
  2. Select an existing Spriter project and click OK

Importing templates from another project will replace any existing templates in the editor

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