This third tutorial covers exporting your project

Exporting the project

  1. To export the project, select Export from the Project menu or press F5

  1. The export dialog allows you to set which documents will be exported and the filenames of each.
  2. Ensure the Export CSS, Export Sprite Sheet and Export HTML check boxes are ticked
  3. Enter sample1.css in the CSS Options Filename field
  4. Enter sample1.png in the Image Options Filename field
  5. Enter sample1.html in the HTML Options Filename field

  1. Click OK to export the project files and display the export results dialog

  1. Clicking on a document filename will open that file in the default application for your system, clicking the button to the right of the filename will open the folder the file is located within in Windows Explorer
  2. After exporting a project, the results are stored with the project. This is useful for future exports when using CSS merging in order to ensure that previously generated classes are removed, even if CSS names have been changed in the meantime.

That's the conclusion of these tutorials, we hope you enjoy using Cyotek Spriter !

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