Spriter will automatically size the sprite sheet according to the images you add to it, but you can control how the sizing operates.

The following attributes are available:

Growth direction

The growth direction determines how the sprite sheet is sized as it is only resized along one axis.

  • Down. The height of the sprite sheet is increased to accommodate sprite images
  • Across. The width of the sprite sheet is increased to accommodate sprite images
Maximum size

Specifies the maximum size of the sprite sheet on the opposite axis to the growth direction. This allows the sprite sheet to grow infinitely in one direction, but not both.

If the growth direction is Down, this setting sets the maximum width of the sprite sheet. If the growth direction is Across, this setting sets the maximum height.


If you are using the Complex layout, the sprite sheet may be smaller than the maximum size specified

Use power of two

This option forces the dimensions of the sprite sheet to always be a power of two, which is very useful for when creating texture atlases for games.

When this option is set, validation errors will be displayed if the Maximum Size or Minimum Size attributes are not powers of two.

Minimum sizeSpecifies the minimum size of the sprite sheet. You can use this setting for if the output image must have a minimum size. You also only specify either a width or a height to force a minimum for a single axis only.
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