The effects editor is displayed whenever adding or removing an effect. It provides a convenient method of customizing an effect, as well as providing a preview of the effects output.

The configuration portion of the dialog is divided into 3 tabs.

Effects never modify source files, only how they are displayed in the output sprite sheet generated by Spriter

The Effect Tab

The Effects Tab allows you to select and configure the effect. Choose from a list of installed effects to instantly preview the result of the effect at the top of the dialog. Some effects also offer additional properties for customization, for example the screen shot above shows the Color Blend effect and the configuration properties it supports.

The CSS Tab

Unless an effect is applied to the original set of sprite images, then either a CSS selector prefix or suffix must be specified. This is combined with the normal class name for each image to generate a unique selector.

The Images Tab

By default, effects are applied to all the original set of sprite images. You can configure if the effect should apply to all images, or a subset of images. In addition, you can opt to have the effect generate new copies of the selected images with the effect applied. This allows you to create numerous image "states" in your sprite from a single set of base images.

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