HTTP defines a number of status codes used to redirect one request to another, for example when the requested URI has been moved to another location, or when the URI can't be exactly matched, but similar locations are available. By default, WebCopy will following internal redirects only.

To configure how redirects are processed

  • From the Project Properties dialog, select the Redirects category
  • Select a mode from the Redirects group
  • Optionally, enter a value into the Maximum redirect chain length field. This value will be used to break chains where one redirect points to another without ever resolving to a concrete URI



Don't follow redirects

Specifies that no redirects should be followed

Follow internal redirects

Follow redirects that point to the site currently being crawled

Follow all redirects

Follows any redirect, regardless of destination. Note that crawl modes and rules will then control if any actions should be taken on the external URI

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