Note: This is an experimental feature and has not been fully tested. It may contain bugs, be missing functionality or may have unexpected side effects. The feature may be removed in subsequent updates to the product.

About Quick Scan

The quick scan feature allows you to scan the top level of a website and pick out unique pages. This can be used to get a quick overview of a website in order to exclude pages before performing a full crawl.

Performing a quick scan will reset your sitemap to only the detected URL's

Performing a Quick Scan

  • From the Project menu, click Quick Scan or press Shift+F6.
  • Select the maximum depth you wish to scan at.
  • Click the Scan button to perform the scan.

The quick scan currently only processes each unique page once. For example, page1.html#fragment, page1.html?valuea=string, page1.html?valueb=number would appear as page1.html and only the first occurrence would be crawled.

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