When you analyse a website using WebCopy , a map is created of all incoming and outgoing links for each scanned URL, and other relevant attributes such as response code, content type and more.

By default, link map information will be saved into your project file, however if your web site has many links you may wish to disable this. Also by default, the link map is automatically preserved each time the source web site is scanned. This can also be changed on a per project basis.

The link map can be viewed from within WebCopy .

Many of the advanced functionality of WebCopy requires a link map to be present. If you disable the saving of link map data, some functionality may be impaired

  1. From the Project Properties dialog, select the Links category
  2. Check or uncheck the Save link information in project field
  3. Optionally, check or the Include headers option to save HTTP request and response headers

Saving of headers may cause project files to be much larger, and performance of open/save operations may be affected

  1. From the Project Properties dialog, click the Links category
  2. Check or uncheck the Clear link information before scan field*
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