WebCopy contains a number of different tools and utilities for working with websites.

WebCopyGUIThe main WebCopy client. This tool allows you to copy websites with a GUI for configuring all available options.
WebCopyCLIA console based command line tool for use in batch scenarios. This tool offers fewer configuration options, but is capable of utilizing WebCopy projects created using the GUI client.
Link CheckerGUIA tool that scans a website looking for broken links via an easy to use GUI.
Link CheckerCLIA tool that scans a website looking for broken links. This version of the Link Checker is a console CLI tool, useful for batch and advanced scenarios.
XPath TesterGUIA tool to help you define custom XPath expressions that can be used to extend WebCopy's crawl engine.
URL TesterGUIA tool that allows you to request URL's and view response information with assorted configuration options.
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