The Website Links dialog allows you to view all links to and from pages in the scanned web site.

Select a URL from the Url's field to automatically see all links to the selected URL, and all links from the URL. You can also filter these lists when you are looking for specific URL's.

Lists all URL's in the map and allows you to select the active URL
Allows you to open the selected URL in your browser, or display the URL's properties
Allows you to filter the list of URL's displayed in the selection combo

Shows all pages which contain at least one link to the selected URL

Shows all pages which are linked to from the selected URL

Setting a URL to be the active URL

  • Context click an item and choose Set as Active URL

  • or -

  • Double click a URL in the list

Opening a URL in a browser window

  • Context click an item and choose Open in browser

Copying the selected item

  • Context click an item and choose Copy

Export all items to CSV

  • Context click a list and choose Export Export
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