In this first tutorial, we'll cover creating a new project and copying a website.

Creating the new project

  • Select New from the File menu, or press Control+N
  • An empty project will be created with everything set to default values

Setting the web site URL

  • Set the Website field to be

Setting the download folder

  • The Save folder will default to c:\Downloaded Web Sites. Also by default, the domain of the web site to copy ( in this case) will be automatically appended to the folder path when copying the site for a final value of c:\Downloaded Web Sites\ In most cases, you can just leave the Save folder field at its default value.

Copying the web site

  • Select Copy Website from the Project menu, or press F5

WebCopy will then download the website. As the tutorial website is very small, this should only take a few seconds.

Viewing the copying website

  • Click the green arrow icon to the right of the save folder to view using File Explorer.

Saving the new project

  • Select Save from the File menu, or press Control+S
  • Enter a filename your project and click Save
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