The Link Checker CLI allows for non-interactive scanning and testing of website links. It is best suited for batch and scripting scenarios.




uriSpecifies the fully qualified address of the remote URL to scan. Only http and https schemes are supported
/NOGETThe scanner uses HEAD requests for efficiency, falling back to GET if not supported. Specifying NOGET disables this fallback
/NOEXTERNALSpecifies that any external URLs will not be checked
/OUT <file>Writes scan results to a CSV file
/H or /?Display this message
/LOG <file>Writes output to a log file. If <file> is not specified, a default name will be used
/LOGAPPENDIf set and the log file already exists, new data will be appended to the file, otherwise the file is overwritten
/QUIETSuppresses most standard output
/PAUSEPrompts the user to press a key before the program ends
/NOLOGODo not display the startup banner and copyright message
/VERSIONDisplay version information only
/STATISTICSDisplay execution statistics
/NOCRASHREPORTDisable automatic crash logging and solution checking
/list-argumentsDisplays how input arguments were interpreted, then exits without performing any actions


As the scan progresses, it will print out each URL along with a status code. When scanning is complete, a summary block will be printed containing the following data

URLs scannedNumber of URLs processed
URLs not foundNumber of URLs that returned a 404 "Not Found" status
RedirectsNumber of URLs that redirect to another URL. If the OUT argument is used, redirect destinations can be found in the CSV file
ErrorsNumber of URLs that reported an error
Protocol ErrorsNumber of URLs that were not scanned as not HTTP or HTTPS (e.g. data URLs)
Internal URLsNumber of URLs found internal to the website being scanned
External URLsNumber of URLs found external to the website being scanned

Exit Codes

The following exit codes can be returned by either the wcopy.exe or lnkchk.exe CLI tools.

0Success. The operation completed without any errors.
1Invalid parameter. An invalid value was supplied.
2The URL to download, or WebCopy project, was not specified.
3A filename was specified, but the file was not a WebCopy project.
1000Exception. The operation encountered an unexpected exception.
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