To help us improve product quality and features, users of our products can optionally participate in our customer feedback program which shares information about how the product is used.

Information that is collected

If you participate in the customer feedback program information shared typically includes

  • Simple system information such as operating system, localization details, processor and the amount of memory
  • When the product is used
  • Product settings and options selected
  • Feature usage information such as buttons clicked

Information that is not collected

  • Personal data such as internet history, or what you use the program for
  • Files opened by the program
  • Details relating to any other processes running on your system

How the information is used

Information you share allows us to improve product quality and features in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Better understanding how our products are being used so we can improve them
  • Prioritising features to work on in future product releases
  • Diagnosing problems and errors in products
  • Helping decide which platform versions to support

Opting out of the feedback program

You can choose not to share information about how you use Cyotek products by setting your preference within the product

  1. Open the Help menu
  2. Click the Customer Feedback Options item
  3. Select the No, I would not like to participate option
  4. Click OK to save the setting
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