The Link Checker GUI allows for interactive scanning and testing of website links.

Scanning a website

  1. In the Address field, enter the address of the website to scan. Only HTTP or HTTPS addresses are supported.
  2. Optionally, toggle items in the Options menu to control if external links or sub domains are included in the scan
  3. From the File menu, choose Scan Links to begin scanning

Viewing results

After scanning, all detected URLs will be displayed in a colour coded grid, along with pertinent attributes such as content type and HTTP status.

GreenNo problems detected (2xx)
YellowNeither success or an error, for example a redirect (3xx) or not found (404)
RedFailed to process URL (5xx)


You can filter the contents of a list by entering search text into the field below the appropriate column header. Clicking the filter button to the right of the edit field provides access to basic options to control the filter.

CSV Export

After scanning, the results can be exported to CSV for further processing. See the CSV Export topic for more details.

Viewing the properties of a URL

To view the properties of an item

  • Right click an item in the list and choose Properties Properties

Copying the selection

To copy the selected rows to the Windows Clipboard

  • Right one or more items in the list and choose Copy Copy
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