WebCopy can use of an embedded web browser for some tasks, such as capturing a form definition or logging into a website.

The following two browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge WebView2

Choosing the browser to use

You can configure the default embedded browser used by WebCopy, which will be automatically used unless a project contains an explicit setting.

To choose the default browser used by WebCopy:

  1. Open the Options dialogue box and select the Embedded Web Browser category
  2. Choose a browser from the list displayed


Internet Explorer is present on most versions of Windows, however is considered obsolete and many websites may not work properly with it.


WebView2 is available on Windows 7 onwards (however only supported on Windows 10 or 11) that uses the modern Chromium Edge engine. It may not be installed by default and Microsoft collects telemetry and other data via its use.

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