If you have trouble copying a given website, the first port of call should always be the Skipped, Errors, and to a lesser extent Files tabs. These tabs collate specific information for quick troubleshooting without needing to scan the Results tab.


You can filter the contents of a list by entering search text into the field below the appropriate column header. Clicking the filter button to the right of the edit field provides access to basic options to control the filter.

The Skipped tab will list URLs that WebCopy detected, but did not copy. For example, a rule might be excluding the URL or it is above the root when starting the copy from a deep link. Changing the project configuration may allow previously skipped items to be successfully copied.

The Errors tab lists URLs that WebCopy detected, but did not copy due to an error. For example, a dead link, or a page that you do not have permissions to view. While it may be possible to resolve some issues in this list (for example by providing credentials), generally the entries here indicate problems beyond the control of WebCopy.

The Files tab lists all files that WebCopy both detected and copied. This can be used as a gauge for JavaScript issues. For example, if you expected to see many pages, but they are not listed in the Files tab, nor in Skipped or Errors then this could indicate that the site uses JavaScript to construct pages

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