Invariably support requests for this product involve the inability to copy certain websites. This is also often due to the site using JavaScript to build the UI or a lack of understanding in how a website is constructed (e.g. using CDN's or other domains). Bear in mind while we will usually make at least a cursory attempt to investigate the site to rule out obvious issues, if the site is of an adult or illegal nature, or at our discretion, we will immediately close the ticket. In addition, we're not mind readers - if you aren't explicit in specifying exactly which URLs have errors, we haven't got the resource to investigate nebulous tickets.


This feature will only appear if the Submit Feedback extension is installed and enabled. If not installed, then please send email to instead.

Cyotek welcomes and appreciates feedback about its products, both the good and the bad. If you have found an aspect of WebCopy that you liked we'd love to hear your views on why you liked that aspect - this will help us to improve other parts of the software.

To submit positive feedback

  • From the Help menu, click Feedback, then Send a Smile Send a Smile
  • Enter a description of the the aspect of WebCopy that you liked. Although we love to hear users like our software, if you can provide details on why, that is helpful
  • To include a screenshot, check the Include a screenshot option, optionally selecting which monitor(s) to include
  • If you'd like a response from the Cyotek Team, fill in your email address
  • Click Submit to submit your feedback


Screenshots capture all visible windows on your desktop. You should ensure that no private or confidential information is visible before using the feedback utility. If using a multi-monitor system, you can also toggle which monitors are included in the screenshot.

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