In some cases, you may only wish to download a single page and any secondary or tertiary resources linked to it. You can instruct Sitemap Creator to exclude all URLs not found within a maximum distance from the address being copied.

Configuring a scan distance

  1. From the Project Properties dialogue, select the General category
  2. Check the Limit distance from root URL option
  3. Enter the maximum level that Sitemap Creator will scan


The diagram below shows an example website. Each column represents URLs that are the specified distance from the root URL. If the crawl project was set to use 2 as the limit, then fourth.html would not be downloaded.

graph LR A[index.html] B[styles.css] C[script.js] D[second.html] E[third.html] F[logo.png] G[fourth.html] subgraph Start A end subgraph Distance 1 A-->B A-->C A-->D end subgraph Distance 2 D-->E B-->F end subgraph Distance 3 E-->G end

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