Each profile is comprised of a number of individual sections.

SourceThe source folders to copy. This can either be a single folder, or multiple folders. You can also specify if sub folders should be copied. This value supports replacement tokens.
Files to copyThe files to copy. You can either copy all files, or files matching certain criteria, including the use of global inclusion / exclusion masks.
DestinationThe destination folders to copy source files to. As with source folders, this can either be a single folder, or multiple folders. When using multiple folders, each source file is processed for each destination, according to the files already present in the destination folder. This value supports replacement tokens.
Copy modeSpecifies how the files are to be copied or moved. In addition, you can specify more advanced options such as flags which control how files are processed (for example to only copy files with the archive bit set, or to compare files after copying) and other options such as how the source path is appended to the destination - useful when copying multiple source folders.
ScheduleCopyTools has various different scheduling options, such as daily, every nn hours, every nn minutes etc. You can also specify that the profile shouldn't run on certain days, or that the profile should run when the system is shut down.
DetailsThe name and an optional description of the profile.

CopyTools auto-saves all changes to profiles as they occur and changes cannot be undone. Caution is advised when editing or deleting multiple profiles.

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